Is the Marriage of Mark and Adele Cole a happy one?

I make a claim in the marriage entry that Lawrence is amused by but is also envious of the marriage his friend Mark has with Adele.  Do you think I am correct in this?  I confess it is not clear cut since they do not h ave a "lovey dovey" relationship but one filled with pricks and points (as Lawrence and Holo have).

When they first meet Mark says that Adele loves it when he makes money which excuses his attempt to make money.  But he is a merchant and that is what he does.  There is this element of teasing between even when she is not there and later when she does make an appearance and the conversation turns to Fermi Amati, she goes on and on about what a catch he is.  But this again is a mirror of Holo teasing Lawrence about the young men with whom she flirts.  What do you all think?