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• 3/14/2015

Help? concerning (real) History

I have a deep-seated love for all things History. And I do have a good time pinpointing the origin for certain elements in fantasy settings. The unveiling of Dale, for instance, in The Hobbit movies, reminded me of a Tuscan village teleported to the vicinity of Lhasa.

I'm nearly done with Spice and Wolf's season 2 (what a journey it has been) and I've been playing this little game with myself (look at those flemish-like rooftops, of, what nice baroque statuette...).

Thing is, Dianna holds a book, on which there's a page with a woodcut-print of a Wolf clawing the Moon which I found delightful and flavoured the whole thing, looking medieval enough to make me wonder - was this ripped from an actual historical source I couldn't pinpoint, or is it an original design of the series?
Captura de ecrã 2015-03-14, às 01.53.34

These same Wolf and Moon are featured in Season 2's ending: the wolf is sitting still and the Moon has a bandage - cute!

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• 3/14/2015

Now, thinking this over, the Moon does have a lot more detail than the rest of the picture. The frame is quite unusual for all miniatures I've seen. Probably fabricated, right?

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