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As seen in the anime
Character Information
Title/Occupation Wheat Merchant
Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Medio Trading Company


Voice Actor Jamie Marchi (English)

Kaori Nazuka (Japanese)

First Appearance Wolf and Best Clothes
Last Appearance Wolf and the New Journey
Location Pasloe

Chloe (クロエ) is an anime-only supporting character from the first season of the Spice and Wolf anime. Her counterpart in the light novels and manga is Yarei.

History[edit | edit source]

Hailing from the farming village of Pasloe, Chloe knew Lawrence for a long time as a mentor, friend, and unrequited love interest. She desired to be Lawrence's business partner, expressing her complicated interest in him yet simultaneously masking her feelings with a professional mien.

Role in Spice and Wolf[edit | edit source]

Although she only appeared in three episodes, Chloe served as the face of the forces opposing Holo and Lawrence during the currency speculation incident in Pazzio.

Chloe's merchant skills, acquired from Lawrence, made her a key negotiator in business dealings on behalf of Pasloe. This role eventually put her at odds with Lawrence when her village, Earl Erhendott, and Medio Trading attempted to manipulate the value of trenni silver coins by spreading false rumors among minor merchants. As the ultimate goal of the conspirators was to obtain considerable concessions from the Kingdom of Trenni, Pasloe stood to gain significant economic benefits, including elimination of the wheat tariff. Unfortunately, Lawrence discovered the plot from Zheren and allied with Milone Trading to manipulate events to his advantage, not knowing that Chloe and Pasloe were involved.

Given her familiarity with Lawrence, Chloe was charged with stopping him. She attempted a straightforward kidnapping, but her men only captured Holo, inducing Lawrence and Milone Trading to stage a dramatic rescue. Chloe and her men gave chase and cornered Holo and Lawrence in Pazzio's underground sewers. Unable to bribe Lawrence to surrender Holo, Chloe ordered her men to kill Lawrence, causing them to nearly lose their lives when they faced the full wrath of Holo's wolf form. Chloe fainted when Holo nearly ate her, but Lawrence successfully pleaded for her life.

The incident left Chloe and her allies' plot in failure, and Lawrence effectively broke off ties with Chloe given her willingness to murder him and turn Holo to the Church for execution. She was later seen seated in bed, recovering. She made a cameo appearance during the credits of the first season's finale, looking over Pasloe from a hill.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Chloe is a pretty young woman with mahogany hair, violet eyes, a voluptuous figure, and impressively pale skin despite working in wheat fields. Her clothing consists of a white dress and a dark blue coat.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Chloe is ambitious, progressive, resolute, and talented, all promising qualities for a merchant. Unfortunately, she is professional to a fault, valuing an unscrupulous deal over friendship and even human life. Whether or not jealousy also played a role in her actions toward Holo and Lawrence is unclear. Her progressive mindset, typical of a Pasloe native, nevertheless made her dismiss Holo as an obsolete deity not worthy of praise.

Behind the Scenes[edit | edit source]

Chloe replaced Yarei in the anime in order to evoke a greater emotional response from viewers as Yarei was male and had less attachment to Lawrence. Her interactions with Lawrence in Pasloe are also unique since Lawrence only saw Yarei from afar and did not speak with him in the light novels and manga before their final confrontation in Pazzio's sewers.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "Don't you know? I carry everything you have ever taught me in my heart. The only reason I'm where I am today is because of you. It's you." (to Lawrence)
  • "And here I am. I've grown up, and you've never even noticed." (to Lawrence)
  • "Why would a god feel heartbroken?" (to Lawrence)
  • "It's a shame." (upon cornering Holo and Lawrence in the sewers)
  • "You can kill the man. Just make sure you capture the girl alive." (to her men)
  • "All gods are the same! Unfair! You're cruel, every one of you!" (to Holo)

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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