Earl Erhendott is an unseen minor character whose involvement in the currency speculation incident indirectly causes the central conflict between Chloe and Lawrence, with Holo by association. The earl is well-known in the region for his progressive policies and his eccentricities, which include working in the fields alongside his subjects. For these reasons, he appears to be a popular ruler.

In an attempt to further improve the economy of his domain, Earl Erhendott aids Medio Trading in an attempt to covertly manipulate the value of Trenni silver and obtain concessions from the Kingdom of Trenni, especially the lifting of a heavy wheat tariff. Particularly vested in this venture is the village of Pasloe, which primarily trades wheat. Although rival company Milone Trading first obtains the concessions due to the actions of Holo and Lawrence, Medio Trading is able to acquire the coveted privileges through hasty backtracking and negotiation, implying brighter economic prospects for both the earl and the villages in his domain.

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