Character Information
Title/Occupation Sheep dog
Gender Male
Race Dog
Affiliation(s) Nora Arendt
Voice Actor Chou (Japanese)

Sam Riegal (English)

First Appearance Wolf and the Righteous Scale (Anime)
Volume 2 (Light Novel)
Last Appearance Wolf and the Amber Melancholy (Anime)
Volume 17 (Light Novel)
Volume 16 (Manga)
Location Ruvinheigen (formerly)
Enek is a male sheep dog and companion of Nora Arendt.

Appearance Edit

Enek is a canine with thick fur, almost to the point of being shaggy. He is black with white paws up to the ankles and wrists, and a white muzzle that peaks between and just above the eyes, and extending downward to cover the throat. In the anime, the white only includes the upper muzzle and not the lower jaw. The tail is long with long hairs. The ears are long, pointed triangles that remain upright: on the outer edge of the right ear is a black and red cylinder that acts as some sort of tag. It is his only identification as he doesn't wear a collar.

Personality Edit

Loyal and levelheaded, he loves Nora. He instantly obeys her every command, whether verbal or the bell ringing from her shepherd's crook. When not directly working with the sheep or guarding them at that moment, Enek is always at Nora's side, whether walking, sitting, or napping during long conversations. He takes guard when she sleeps in the evening, and sleeps with her as she guards the sheep at night. When she attends services, he will sleep outside while he waits for her.

His sharp senses allow him to help guard the sheep and assist Nora. Holo explained that even with Nora being so young, she and Enek make an unstoppable team, able to ward off a hunting wolf pack. Holo later also admitted that Enek knew what she was the moment he first caught her scent. Although he did not act aggressively towards her, the looks he gave her were actually a warning to not go after the sheep, otherwise he'd attack her. He would end up keeping an eye on her, so much so that even Nora took notice of it.

Whenever it seems that a man appears to take too much of an interest in Nora, Enek will warn them off with a bark.

History Edit

Almost four years before the start of the series, Nora found Enek beside the body of his previous owner who had perished somehow. She adopted him and her ownership allowed her to start working as a shepherd for the Church and earn some income. In the anime, she says that she found him wounded (likely by bandits or mercenaries) and cowering under a small cliff on a hill, with the crook in his mouth.


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