Gi Batos
Gi Batos
Batos as seen in the anime
Character Information
Title/Occupation N/A
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Dian Rubens
Voice Actor Susumu Akagi (Japanese)

Jonathan Brooks (English

First Appearance Wolf and the Calm Before the Storm
Last Appearance Unknown
Location Kumerson

Gi Batos is a minor character in the second season of Spice and Wolf. He is an associate of Dian Rubens.


He is a middle aged man with a muscular build. He has brown eyes as well as brown hair with slight facial hair. His most pronounced feature, however, is his huge size. He easily is a foot taller than Lawrence. 


Batos is a gentle giant and is quite polite to others. He has a bad repruation due to the fact he hangs with the alchemist in Kumersun who are not so popular. Like his friend Dian Rubsen, He as a fascination with old stories and legends. In his youth, he traveled for a long time and eventually settled in Kumersun.


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