Gyoam Evan
Evan portrait
Character Information
Title/Occupation Miller
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) n/a
Voice Actor n/a
First Appearance Volume 4(Light Novel)
Last Appearance Volume 4(Light Novel)
Location Tereo
Gyoam Evan is a Light Novel only character that appears on Volume 4(chronologically in the middle of season 2 of the anime), despite being so young he is the miller of the village of Tereo as well as the one in charge of collecting the village´s taxes.

Appearance Edit

"The boy in front of him was slender but had a sturdiness born of physical labor. He was about Lawrence's height with the black hair and eyes that were common in the northlands. He looked strong enough that Lawrence imagined him wielding an oxbow. His black hair was haphazardly dusted with flour."

Personality Edit

Unlike Elsa Evan is enthusiastic and curious about Lawrence and his business as a merchant, he has been treated coldly and with suspicion by the villagers, making him only able to turn to Elsa as his only friend and lover. He desires to leave the village with Elsa and be a merchant.

Gallery Edit