Hans Remerio
Character Information
Title/Occupation Company Head
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Remelio Trading Company
Voice Actor Gouda Hozumi(Japanese)

Kent Williams(English)

First Appearance Wolf and a Swirling Conspiracy
Last Appearance Wolf and the New Journey
Location Ruvinheigen

Hans Remerio is the head of his Remerio Trading Company that was heading towards bankruptcy when first met by Lawrence and Holo during Wolf and a Swirling Conspiracy, but have been given a chance to revive itself at the end of Wolf and the New Journey.


He is a middle aged man with slightly tan skin. He about the same height as Lawrence. He also has both purple eyes and hair. He wears a black jacket with a red ascot.


He was shown as being nervous and somewhat incompetent throughout most of his appearances. Due to the poor state his company is in he goes out of his way to get rid of any and all risks to his business. This includes murdering people that may betray him such as Lawrence and Holo.

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