Kraft Lawrence depicted in the second season of Spice and Wolf

Kraft Lawrence is a 25 year old travelling Merchant who travels from town to town selling, buying and trading various things in order to make a profit. Lawrence’s dream is to start his own shop business but does not have the money. He finds Holo one night in the back of his cart and agrees to help her get back to her homeland in the North, Yoitsu.


Lawrence has short silver hair and spiky bangs that part on either side of his face. He is generally tall with an average build. He is 25-year-old.


When he was twelve, he became an apprentice to a merchant relative, and set out on his own at eighteen--which wuld mean he had been traveling by himself for seven years until he met Holo, who he meets one night and eventually agrees to her traveling with him.


  • I'm not sure what I did to deserve this turn of events, but I just happened to meet a strange wolf. She wants to return to the north, and I made a contract to accompany her. I cannot break that contract. I gave my word.
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