Spring Log - key visual

Spring Log is first chapter from new sequel series, published in Dengeki Bunko MAGAZINE, starting with issue 49 in May 2016. [1]


Travelling merchant Lawrence met a wolfgod Holo that have wolf ears and tail in midst of his travel. The two journeyed towards Holo's home Yoitsu, and at the end of their long journey, they arrived at the hot spring town of Nyohira. Lawrence's ended his travelling merchant life, and choose to live his life with Holo at that place. 10 years later, Lawrence started his business of running a bathhouse named Spice and Wolf. Though everyday is hectic/busy, he is living his peaceful days with his loving wife Holo, and his daughter Myuri. At this bathhouse that are filled with happiness and laughter, how will the story be spun? [2]


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