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  • Hello, I noticed that in your conversation with ProfGandalf you wrote "especially since the general consensus on the internet is there will not be a third season of the anime." I would like to ask, where did you find this information sir? is there any chance of a sequel?

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    • Hi again Ajr337--I was directed by the Wiki to this on my conversations so I just wanted to let you know that I responded to you in an earlier post.  Also if you would like to see what the light novels look like, you can visit this site:

      The art work is very special and is the basis for the images which come up at the end of every anime episoid.

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  • Hello Nisrd

    That is an interesting name.  May I ask from where you drew it? 

    I am just making conversation and was wondering what interests you have with Spice and Wolf. . .or any other anime for that matter. :)

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    • Gust wanted to mention that I just watched the first two episodes of Gunslinger Girl. Looks like it is going to be sad. Also is that the English voice actor who played Lawrence in Wolf and Spice?

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    • Dear ProfGandalf,

      It has been quite a while but I finally have some time to reply you.

      A lot of Anime does have a super-powered character in in, though I wonder whether this is just because of a specific niche of Anime that we both enjoy watching.

      I just finished watching Monogatari . In the Anime, all nearly all of the characters have been afflicted with a supernatural oddity and the main character attempts to help them. The plot and the animation are actually very well done. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I began the series since the Wikipedia article was very confusing.

      Another series I just completed is Sword Art Online. The argument can be made both ways as to whether or not the characters have any powers. All the characters are actually normal humans however their minds are trapped inside a video game. Despite the cheesy concept, this Anime was also quite good.

      --With regard to your longer post--

      It has been too long since I have seen/read Spice and Wolf for me to make any meaningful comments on your forum posts.

      -- With regard to the shorter post on Gunslinger Girl--

      Gunslinger Girl does get quite sad, though more so in the Manga as the Anime only covers five out of fourteen volumes.

      They are indeed the same voice actor. According to Wikipedia John Michael Tatum is the voice actor for Kraft Lawrence and Victor Hillshire.

      Best regards,


      Nisrd (talk) 02:27, April 16, 2014 (UTC)

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