The Milone Trading Company is a corporation founded by the Great Marquis Milone and authorized by the Grand Duchy of Roundio. Headquartered in the far south of the region, the company has multiple branches across several countries, including a notable branch in the town of Pazzio. As a relative newcomer to the area around Pazzio, Milone Trading counters stiff competition by paying premium prices and maintaining an extensive network of resourceful workers and spies.

The Pazzio branch of Milone Trading is the third largest in that town and managed by Marlheit. After being tipped by Lawrence, it becomes involved in a currency speculation scheme but is drawn far deeper than expected when rival Medio Trading attempts blackmail by kidnapping Holo and threatening to expose her true nature to the Church, which would brand Milone as heretical by association. Milone orchestrates an elaborate rescue of Holo and leaves her with Lawrence to escape through the town's sewers, while the company attempts to beat Medio in making a deal with the Kingdom of Trenni.

Although Holo and Lawrence are eventually cornered underground by Medio agents led by Chloe, Milone does successfully complete negotiations first. Combined with Holo's easy defeat of her and Lawrence's pursuers using her true wolf form, Milone forces Medio to ask for terms. As a result of this adventure, Milone comes to value Lawrence highly as a merchant.

Milone, or at least the Pazzio branch, are one of the few groups that is aware of Holo's true nature, the other being Medio Trading. However it's not unreasonable to assume that the information was eventually passed on beyond Pazzio to the rest of the guild of her being a friendly ally.

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