Norah Arendt
Nora arendt 455
Character Information
Title/Occupation Former Shepherdess

Nun (Current)

Gender Female
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Church
Voice Actor Mai Nakahara (Japanese)

Leah Clark (English)

First Appearance Wolf and the Righteous Scale (anime)

Volume 2 (Light Novel)

Last Appearance Wolf and the Amber Melancholy (Anime)

Volume 17 (Light Novel)

Location Ruvinheigen (formerly)

Norah Arendt (ノーラ・アレント) (also referred to as Nora) is a skilled shepherdess from the church-town of Ruvinheigen who dreams of becoming a tailor. Her companion is a well-trained sheep dog named Enek.

Soft-spoken and somewhat naive, Norah lived and worked for most of her life in a convent annex that also served as an almshouse. Though effectively raised by the church, Norah becomes increasingly ostracized due to her unusual proficiency in shepherding, which the local clergy attributes to possible pagan powers. As such, Norah is repeatedly tasked with guiding a pitifully small flock in dangerous areas of the countryside to "test" her abilities. On one of these trips, she encounters Holo and Lawrence, who stop to receive a traditional shepherd's blessing. Their chance meeting eventually leads to Norah and her sheep becoming a key element in a desperate gold smuggling scheme. Norah completes her role in the scheme flawlessly despite risking death, simultaneously freeing Lawrence from his debt and getting the necessary funds to emancipate herself from the church.

Appearance and PersonalityEdit

Norah is an attractive young maiden with blonde hair, dark brown eyes, and "an honorably impoverished" countenance only enhanced by her naivety and servility. However, she holds increasing disdain for the church despite her obsequious attitude, knowing full well the suspicions about her but too indebted to protest. Her only recompense is to slowly earn money on the side by escorting travelers as a wolf deterrent until her fateful meeting with Holo and Lawrence.


In addition to guiding and protecting her flock, Norah is expected to customarily greet and bless travelers. The origin of this tradition is unknown, but the ancient greeting recited by all shepherds is preserved as follows:

By the blessing of God in the heavens, By the protection of the spirits of the land,

The word of God is carried on the wind, And the blessings of the spirits of the land Inhabit the very grass eaten by the lamb. The lambs are led by the shepherd, And the shepherd by God. By the grace of God, the shepherd Follows the path of righteousness.

- Norah Arendt



  • In the manga, Nora goes barefoot outside of towns to avoid wearing out her shoes. This ends when Lawrence sells her some good sandals.
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