Village Center (S1E1)
Harvest festival preparations in the village center
Pasloe (series)
A wide shot of Pasloe
Type Town

Pasloe is a small farming village and the starting point of Holo and Lawrence's journey. Their main crop is wheat. The village lies within the domain of Earl Erhendott and is considered a pagan settlement by the Church for its apparent worship of Holo. In actuality, despite contracting Holo just after the village's founding centuries earlier to improve its wheat harvests, the people of Pasloe hardly consider Holo a deity as they did in the past. Recent improvements in agricultural technology have made the village largely self-sufficient, although Holo remains an integral part of the village customs, including the annual harvest festival.

When there is inevitably a poor harvest every few years, Holo is blamed for it ("the wolf ate the wheat"). This was because they had no system of leaving fields fallow or crop rotation, and although Holo had warned the first generation that "the soil requires a price" for many good harvests (i.e. the nutrients that wheat uses needs time to be replenished), this was largely dismissed as a whim. In the last generation or so, better farming methods where introduced so that even when there is a poor year, the village quickly recovers from it.

Though small, Pasloe seeks to become a major exporter of wheat in the region by establishing relationships with powerful trading companies, including Medio Trading. This inadvertently pits the village's interests against those of Holo and Lawrence during the currency speculation incident.

In the current day, Holo is not considered to be a real being. As time went on, later generations in the past were aware of her because she would appear openly, but they were fearful and kept away. Hurt by such reactions, Holo eventually stopped revealing herself over the centuries. Although the harvest festival includes building a very large wolf effigy, it is clear in the light novel and anime that those that did find out that Holo is real did not consider exactly why their ancestors made the effigy so huge in the first place until they witness Holo transform.

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