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One of the town's bustling marketplaces
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Aerial view of Pazzio
Type Town

Pazzio is a walled port town and the first major stop on Holo and Lawrence's journey. About four days' north of Pasloe if traveling on foot or by slow horse, Pazzio is situated on the banks of the river Slaude, allowing the town to flourish as a trading center and ferry port. The town proper is divided by an artificial canal, across which spans at least six stone bridges containing many small shops and stalls. Larger marketplaces are located in several of the town's public squares. Due to its port and proximity to the Kingdom of Trenni, Pazzio is home to the branch offices of many corporations hoping to gain a foothold in the region, especially after it gained autonomy from the monarchy. The Church, however, maintains considerable influence over the town's affairs.

The arrival of Holo and Lawrence to Pazzio signaled the escalation of a currency speculation scheme that would pit two of the town's major corporations and their respective associates against one another.

Notable Residents[edit | edit source]

Pazzio is home to two of Lawrence's business associates:

Notable Companies[edit | edit source]

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