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This article is about the first volume of the light novels. For information on the first volume of the manga, visit Spice and Wolf, Vol. 1 (manga).

Spice and Wolf, Vol. 1 (狼と香辛料, Ōkami to Kōshinryō) is the first volume of Spice and Wolf. It was written by Isuna Hasekura with illustrations by Jyuu Ayakura. It was originally released on February 10, 2006 by Dengeki Bunko.


"The life of a traveling merchant is a lonely one, a fact with which Kraft Lawrence is well acquainted. Wandering from town to town with just his horse, cart, and whatever wares have come his way, the peddler has pretty well settled into his routine- that is, until the night Lawrence finds a wolf goddess asleep in his cart. Taking the form of a fetching girl with wolf ears and a tail, Holo has wearied of tending to harvests in the countryside and strikes up a bargain with the merchant to lend him the cunning of 'Holo the Wisewolf' to increase his profits in exchange for taking her along on his travels. What kind of businessman could turn down such an offer? Lawrence soon learns, though, that having an ancient goddess as a traveling companion can be a bit of a mixed blessing. Will this wolf girl turn out to be too wild to tame?"[1]



It is often thought that the way wheat sways in the wind makes it look as though a wolf is running through it. This has spawned sayings regarding the "wolf's" role in the wheat's growth. An unnamed being muses over them, finding them pretty but flawed. She has come to notice that not many people regard these sayings with the same level of wonder as they once did.

Over the past few centuries, many things have changed: the lifespan of humans has increased and those that once remembered the ancient promise are long gone. She feels as though the village she has spent so much time overseeing is no longer in need of her. Staring at some distant mountains, the unnamed being wistfully thinks of her homeland as she sets to grooming her tail.

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  • When the light novels were first released in English, Yen Press gave the first six volumes orginial covers. The manga-style illustration of Holo was instead used as a dust jacket. The reason this was done was to reach a wider audience.[2]
  • In the anime, Yarei's role was given to Chloe.


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