Spice and Wolf is a bathhouse owned and operated by Kraft Lawrence and his wife Holo, located in the village of Nyohhira.

Layout Edit

Spice and Wolf has private access to several natural hot springs of various size that the bathhouse maintains, partitioned off from public view. Down the path from the springs stands the main house. The building has two stories; the ground floor has a dining hall, and a separate kitchen which is the domain of Hanna, the cook. On the second floor is Lawrence and Holo's bedroom, within which is a desk where Lawrence apparently does his paperwork. Their daughter Myuri has a room of her own, as does Tote Col.

Around the back of the main house is the cellar where the edible goods are stored.

Services Edit

The customers of Spice and Wolf are usually nobility, directors of huge commercial firms, or high-ranking clergy of the Church. Clergy will usually request the trappings required for praying early in the morning, which the bathhouse will then comply with.

The kitchen offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Towels and coats are provided for guests when they head out to the baths. Entertainment is sourced by independent musicians and dancing girls who work for tips; it is up to the bathhouse to provide appropriate props to enhance their performances, which raises tips and keeps the performers returning for work. Lawrence manages who performs at which bath in a way that keeps the entertainers happy.

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