Tereo is a rather big village by the side of the town of Enberch. It is introduced during Volume 4(chronologically in the middle of season 2 of the anime) of the Light Novel when Lawrence and Holo, following leads given by Diana, go in search of Diendran Abbey and Father Franz.

Description Edit

Tereo is quite big for a village, only lacking walls to receive the title of one. The buildings are rather scattered, with some stone-walled architecture in the heart of the village,the streets are clean and free of holes even if not cobbled. The church is visible from a fair distance and has a proper tower and bell. At the village´s center there is a wide square with a great block of stone placed in the center, surrounding the square there are various buildings, the tavern, inn and church among them.

Religion Edit

Despite having a church, the village of Tereo did not follow its teachings, the church was mostly used as a tool for Father Franz to be able to study and collect pagan tales as well as a means to be recognized in negotiations with the town of Enberch. The villagers instead worship the local snake deity Lord Truyeo and while they respected Father Franz for his help to the village, with his death the tension between the church, now in the hands of Elsa, and the rest of the villagers only increased.

Notable Inhabitants Edit

Elsa Schtingheim, responsible of the village´s church.

Gyoam Evan, village´s miller.

Lima Ranel, mistress of the village´s tavern.

Elder Sem, village elder.

Father Franz, former abbot of the village´s church.