• Heyo Dak, I've got a few questions about this wiki.

    1. Is the plot summaries and such based off the anime or the light novels or both?
    2. Is there an image naming convention like (Episode 1 1, Episode 1 2, etc.), or the name describes what happening inthe image), or it's just random?
    3. Are fan images allowed?
    4. For character names, which translation is preferred? (It's probably LN, but I'm asking to be sure)
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    • 1. I think the plot summaries should cover elements from both but given how much more information are in the novels it may lean more towards them.

      2. We dont really have a naming convention, as long as the name makes sence and is "serachable" it will be fine

      3.Yep! as long as they dont flood the articles

      4. Yeah usually the LN.

      Thanks for your contributions.

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    • Thanks for the quick reply! I'm happy to make more contributions to make this wiki more complete, though as I have finals this week, I won't be as active as I wish to be (and I still need to read the LN, so there's that).

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