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Tote Col
As depicted in Wolf and Parchment
Character Information
Title/Occupation Twilight Cardinal / Religion Student
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Independent
Voice Actor none
First Appearance Volume 6 (Light novel)

Chapter 44 (Manga)

Last Appearance
Location Nyohhira (former)

Tote Col (コル) is a major supporting character in Spice and Wolf and the protagonist of Wolf and Parchment. He first appeared in the light novels after the events of the anime and joined Holo and Lawrence as they sailed south on the Roam River towards Kerube.

Role in Spice and Wolf[edit | edit source]

Col is a young boy around the age of twelve or thirteen who fell prey to a con artist and as a last resort appealed to Lawrence when some papers he bought put him in a tricky situation with one of the toll guards along the river. He becomes a steady member of the cast and follows the happy (most of the time) couple for much of their first journey.

His aim is to study Church law in order to protect his pagan hometown of Pinu.

The idea of him growing up to be a better suitor for Holo than Lawrence is toyed with, but in the end, Holo sees him more as a cub to take care of rather than a possible mate.

Role in Wolf and Parchment[edit | edit source]

After the couple marry and open Spice and Wolf in Nyohhira, Col works there as an employee for about the next ten years. He also helps out with their daughter Myuri as her older "brother", such as teaching her reading and writing. After hearing about a growing crisis within the Church from a guest, Col got permission from Lawrence to leave on a journey and Myuri followed him closely afterward.

Early Life[edit | edit source]


Appearance[edit | edit source]


Personality[edit | edit source]

Col is smart, and both Lawrence and Holo praise him for his wit. He is also very kind and serves as a liaison between the sheep and the wolf on many occasions after they have had a falling out.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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