This is what happens when an academic loves Middle Ages and Anime!

Just a few points about myself.  I am an English Professor (rank of Associate Professor) with my BA in English from Eastern Nazarene College, my Masters on Tennyson's Idylls of the King from Lehigh University and my doctorate on Charles Dickens' David Copperfield from the The University of Rhode Island.  My present position is at Mount Vernon Nazarene University.   As of Dec. 25, 2013 I will be 58 (Gack!). The pic to the left is well, think Santa and you will have me, an irony--seeing how I was born on Christmas and did my work on Dickens--which does not escape me.  I also have an abiding admiration for JRR Tolkien, CS Lewis and the other Inklinks.  I have been published on subjects such as Hallowing Halloween--Why Christians Should Celebrate Halloween with Gusto! and on Tolkien, "Why is the Only Good Orc a Dead Ork?"

I have two amazing children, Anderson Malvin Rearick IV (Andy) who is now 20 and Laura Sue Rearick is 16.    I am happily married to a wonderful woman named Loretta Arlette (Purta) Rearick, a master pianist choral director and currently involved with her doctorate graduate work from Boston University:  If you follow my Tumblr link you will find an essay dedicated to her about Ah My Goddess entitled "Married to a Magic Girlfriend."

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