I have already viewed the two seasons of Spice and Wolf, but I am getting a chance to enjoy them again by sitting now with my beloved and repeating the experience with her. We did the same thing through Ah My Goddess, seasons one and two.

My only problem is that I need to "not talk" when the show is playing or I get an apple stuffed into my mouth.  We viewed the first season via Hulu + but I was disappointed in that they included the dubbed version for only the first five episodes.   We still enjoyed them in subbed format but for me, the nuance of the English performers were lost and there is a lot of dialogue to have to read. We noticed that Netflix has the second season, but I cannot figure out how to activate the translate option on the Blue-Ray machine.  So we may end up sitting together in the evening watching via my Ipad.

One small point is that every now and again I will compare her with Holo which my sweetie likes a lot less than being compared to Beldandy since Holo has a temper and is, of course, at times a wee bit cruel to Lawrence.  Still the other day she sighed and said "You know, I wish I were like Beldandy but I am afraid I may be more like Holo."  This reminded me that someone once said we all wish we were like Bugs Bunny but we fear that we may really be like Daffy Duck.

However, it doesn't matter--Beldandy or Holo--I love them both in her.

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