Weiz (profile 1, S1E3-ed)
Weiz as seen in the anime
Character Information
Title/Occupation Money Dealer
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) N/A
Voice Actor Eiji Hanawa (Japanese)

Eric Vale (English)

First Appearance Wolf and Business Skills
Last Appearance Wolf and Business Skills
Location Pazzio

Weiz is a minor character and one of Lawrence’s business associates from the first season of the anime adaptation. A resident of Pazzio and a money dealer by trade, he provides currency exchange services and market information to Lawrence whenever the latter passes through the town.

Appearance and Personality

Weiz is a young man with blue eyes and light brown hair tied in a short ponytail. Although Lawrence considers him an “incomparable womanizer” for shamelessly pursuing any and all eligible woman he encounters, including Holo, Weiz flirts mainly as a distraction from his otherwise sedentary job.

First Appearence

  • Volume 1, chapter 3 (light novel)
  • Season 1, Episode 3 (anime)
  • Chapter ?? (manga)
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