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Wolf and Best Clothes (狼と一張羅, Ōkami to Icchōra) is the first episode of the first season and the first episode overall of Spice and Wolf. It originally aired in Japan on January 9th, 2008.

Official Synopsis[]

"A merchant named Lawrence encounters Holo, a girl with the ears and tail of a wolf. An ancient goddess who longs to return to her northern home, she joins Lawrence in his travels."[1]


Lawrence, a traveling merchant, approaches the village of Pasloe with his cargo of marten furs and winter wheat from Yorenz. A knight stationed at a nearby monastery warns him of possible pagan activities in Pasloe. Lawrence, familiar with its harvest festival, is unfazed. He arrives just in time to greet Chloe, his former student, and to see her get selected to represent Holo, the legendary wolf deity central to the festival's traditions. Lawrence converses with the village chief, who proudly hints at more prosperity for Pasloe in the near future.

Preparing to camp in the fields surrounding the village, Lawrence is surprised to find in his wagon a naked girl claiming to be Holo. In disbelief, he asks her for proof, so the girl partially returns to her wolf form before disappearing. Unsettled, Lawrence returns to Pasloe to spend the night and is invited by Chloe for drinks. She asks to become his business partner and hints at a romantic interest, but he declines, telling her that she is too young to make such a risky move.

Later that night, Lawrence meets Holo again and learns that she escaped Pasloe to return to her homeland of Yoitsu in the distant north. Lawrence cautiously agrees to let her accompany him on his travels, hoping that her presence will bring him good luck in business.


Differences from the Light Novel and Manga[]

  • Lawrence draws information from the knight through skillful conversation rather than by bribing him with candy.
  • Chloe replaces Yarei and interacts more with Lawrence.
  • Lawrence is far more shocked to see Holo's wolf form, prompting her to temporarily disappear and him to return to Pasloe.

Differences from the Manga[]

  • The village chief is portrayed as elderly instead of middle-aged with two young children.


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