Wolf and Endless Tears
Season 2, Episode 12
Holo and Lawrence Kiss
Air date September 24, 2009
Written by Takeo Takahashi
Directed by Isuna Hasekura
Season 2
Episode 12
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Wolf and the Decision to Part

This is the twelfth episode of season two as well as the last episode of the anime adaption.


Even in light of chaos caused by the coup, Lawrence and Eve decide to continue with the plan. Lawrence leaves Holo with the traders and receives the gold while Eve hires a ship. However, when Lawrence and Eve meet up back at the inn, Lawrence decides to pull out of the deal. Eve threatens his life, revealing her true motives. She reveals that her statuette business was a ploy for smuggling rock salt, but the church was forced to abandon this enterprise as it was deemed too profitable and attracted suspicion from the local populace. She in fact masterminded the ploy to sell furs only on credit in association with the church, so the church, with large amounts of cash on hand, could monopolize the fur trade. The Church attempted to cut her out of the deal, so she struck an alliance with Lawrence for safety from assassination and to increase her capital for the furs, enabling her to make a massive profit. Eve knocks out Lawrence and leaves him a deed to the inn. Upon awakening, Lawrence uses the deed to buy back Holo. Lawrence explains to a furious Holo that he has decided to forgo his dream and continue his journey with her. Holo hints at the fact she has fallen in love with Lawrence. They make their way to the docking station hand in hand, ready to start a new journey.