Wolf and a Tail of Happiness
Season 1, Episode 7
S1E7 Title
Air date 05/30/2008
Written by Isuna Hasekura
Directed by Takeo Takahashi
Season 1
Episode 7
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Wolf and Silent Farewell
Wolf and Virtuous Scales

Wolf and a Tail of Happiness is the seventh episode of the first season of Spice and Wolf, this episode was never aired on television and was added as an original video animation for the DVD.


Having not yet left Pazzio, Lawrence decides to purchase a better set of clothes for Holo before dinner. The robe she bought makes her look too much like a nun, which would cause problems further north, and she'll need cold weather clothing. However, Lawrence only has a gold piece, too large a denomination to purchase clothes. They return to Weiz to exchange it for Trenni silver and agree to meet him later at their regular tavern for drinks. Lawrence uses a “secret technique” to buy clothes for Holo that were once worn by a noble: a head scarf made of rabbit fur and a collared short cape fastened with a walnut button. He first buys cheap clothes and blankets at an inflated price to buy the expensive clothes at an extremely cheap price, made even cheaper by Holo’s charm. Even though the clothing merchant made a profit on the cheap items, he loses money on the entire deal because of the more expensive clothes. Lawrence explains that as there is still time before they get far enough north to need extra clothes, he is going to resell the cheap items at another clothing shop on the way to the tavern and get back most of what they spent on them, making the deal they got even better.

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 7 - Wolf and a Tail of Happiness

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 7 - Wolf and a Tail of Happiness

Subbed Version

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