Wolf and a Group of Youngsters
Season 1, Episode 12
S1E12 Title
Air date 03/19/2008
Written by Isuna Hasekura
Directed by Takeo Takahashi
Season 1
Episode 12
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Wolf and a Young Pack is the twelfth episode of the first season of Spice and Wolf.


Lawrence sets off to Lamtra with Nora, Holo, and Liebert, a Remerio Company businessman, to smuggle gold. Halfway through the forest, they settle down for the night and are approached by a wolf pack, but Nora keeps them at bay. Upon arrival at Lamtra, Liebert goes into town and buys a bag full of gold with company funds and the group begin their return trip. This time in the forest, they are chased by the wolves led by a young wolf deity. One of them jumps at Lawrence and Holo on top of their horse, but fearfully aborts when Holo warns it off. Lawrence tells Nora and Liebert to go ahead. After they leave, Lawrence reluctantly departs as well to let Holo deal with the pack. He waits for her near the edge of the forest but is attacked, tied up, and left for the wolves by three men sent from Remerio Company, who hope to keep all of the profits from the smuggling for themselves.

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 12 - Wolf and a Group of Youngsters

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 12 - Wolf and a Group of Youngsters

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