Wolf and an Enchanting Traveler
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date August 27, 2009
Written by Isuna Haseku
Directed by Takeo Takahashi
Season 2
Episode 8
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Wolf and an Enchanting Traveler is the eighth episode of the second season of Spice and Wolf.


Holo and Lawrence visit the port in Lenos, where they sit down for a meal. Holo uses her sharp senses and informs Lawrence that foreign fur merchants are unable to sell their wares, resulting in some unrest. However, she becomes inebriated from the meal and has to rest. Lawrence, meanwhile, visits a local bar to gather information and learns that the entire town is on edge due to some issues with the fur trade. After dinner, Lawrence goes to talk with the innkeeper but is interrupted by the arrival of the mysterious cloaked stranger, who introduces herself as Eve Bolan. She and Lawrence briefly chat, and she tells him that they should chat further if their interests coincide.
Spice and Wolf II (SUB) - 8 - Wolf and an Enchanting Traveler

Spice and Wolf II (SUB) - 8 - Wolf and an Enchanting Traveler

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