Wolf and the Swirling Plot
Season 1, Episode 10
S1E10 Title
Air date 03/05/2008
Written by Isuna Hasekura
Directed by Takeo Takahashi
Season 1
Episode 10
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Wolf and the Swirling Plot is the tenth episode of the first season of Spice and Wolf.


After Lawrence procures a certificate from the guildmaster, he goes to Remerio Company, an armor company, to sell his armor. To his horror, he discovers that the armor market has crashed and that he now holds a very large debt and worthless goods. Faced with an ultimatum to pay back the debt in two days or be rendered bankrupt and thus be thrown out of society entirely, Lawrence desperately tries to find merchants willing to lend him money, but each and every one turns him down. He realizes the merchants are unwilling to aid him because of his unmarried relationship with Holo, and, in a fit of rage, takes out his frustration on her. Even after Lawrence tries to apologize to her, Holo tells him that she is heading back to the inn for now.

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 10 - Wolf and the Swirling Plot

Spice and Wolf (SUB) - 10 - Wolf and the Swirling Plot

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